Glazing: For Security Applications
T Sheffield Plastics; 800-254-1707;

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Crack Filler and Surfacer: Quick and Convenient
FThe Steelcote Division of Chemline; 800-737-0282;

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Drain Guard: Rugged and Easy To Rinse and Reuse
T UltraTech International Inc.; 800-353-1611;

Vacuum Excavator: Ideal for Identifying Utilities
T Vermeer Manufacturing Co.; 888-837-6337;

Handrails: ADA-Compliant
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he Makrolon Hygard bullet-resistant glazing offers great optical clarity and more abrasion resistance than competing polycarbonate sheets, the manufacturer says. The product comes in three types: the BR750, BR1000 and BR1250. The BR750 is a three-ply Makrolon polycarbonate sheet with an acrylic interlayer; the BR1000 is a four-ply polycarbonate sheet; and the BR1250 is also a four-ply polycarbonate sheet, but with superior strength. Each of these are suited for different levels of security applications. loor Nu Gel is a new epoxy filler/surface for filling and sealing porous or damaged concrete or other masonry surfaces. This 1:1 mix ratio epoxy with 100% solids and zero volatile organic compounds hardens within eight hours to form a tough, chemical-resistant surface. he Ultra-DrainGuard Reusable Model from UltraTech International is made with rugged polypropylene that can be easily rinsed and reused. It is ideal for capturing dirt and sediment at construction sites as well as other “high erosion” areas. With its deep, 36-in. accumulation pocket, the product can hold a maximum weight of 500 lb of soil, sand, sediment and dirt. The DrainGuard is designed for easy removal with a backhoe, forklift or other lifting equipment. Custom sizes are available. he Vermeer and McLaughlin V250 is a low-cost vacuum excavator system capable of hydro-excavation and retrieving both wet and dry spoil. The 250-gallon unit is powered by a 25-hp Kubota diesel engine that features electric start and throttle. The unit features a 575-cfm blower, which is the most powerful in the industry for its size range, the maker says. It also features an exclusive three-stage filtration system with Cyclon sep-arator and two-micron washable final filter. A tandem-axle 7,000-lb trailer allows easy transport. Dual hydraulic cylinders speed spoil ejection. he new Series 500 ADA Railing System can be used to build handrails for stairs, ramps, walkways and other areas where it is necessary to conform to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable state and local building codes. The cast-iron railing is strong and durable and is made up of a framework of horizontal bars supported by vertical, upright posts.