Overhead Roll-and-Fold Boom

The new S61SX concrete pump features 198 ft of reach. The manufacturer claims it to be the longest boom pump in the industry. The four-section, overhead roll-and-fold boom is capable of reaching out, up and below grade with no dead spots. Because the boom's first section can be angled back, the other three sections can be guided into enclosed decks with ease. With the patented telescoping Super X outriggers, the reach and versatility of the equipment is capable even on a crowded jobsite. It maintains up to 1,169 psi for concrete. Schwing America Inc.; 888/724-9464;

Hydraulically Controlled

Newly introduced Triple-L brand trailers for transporting a broad range of equipment, supplies and materials have been added to the company's equipment product line. They have a unique Power Deck hydraulic system that allows the operator to lower the deck of the trailer to ground level. The entire deck can be lowered and raised hydraulically in less than 15 seconds. The trailers come in three styles: flat bed, utility, or box and enclosed. Over 20 different models with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 lb are available. JLG Industries Inc.; 240/420-8786;

Sound-Absorbing Cavity

Sound Cell units are a new specialty architectural masonry block that utilize an innovative skewed internal construction to focus and redirect reflected sound into a sound-absorbing cavity, resulting in diminished room noise. The units are available in a variety of colors and are suitable for buildings or rooms where a great deal of sound is generated. They are available through a licensed network of concrete block producers. The Proudfoot Co. Inc., U.S. Distributor; 800/445-0034;

Medium Lifting Class Range

Manufacturer has improved the design of its 5728 telescopic service crane. It features a 36,000-ft-lb capacity and can lift a maximum of 5,000 lb at 7 ft. Model 5728 uses a planetary winch system with a hydraulic-mechanical brake system. It has a 60-ft-per-minute winch speed and a maximum reach of 28 ft from the centerline of the crane. The unit also includes a hexagonal tube boom construction, which is standard on all of the company's cranes. This design eliminates boom flex and side-to-side movement. Stellar Industries Inc.; 641/923-3741;

Delivers Rapid Water Beading

A solvent-free water repellent, Z-6689, has been shown to bead water on alkaline substrates in as quickly as five minutes, the company says. The product is designed with a very small molecular structure, in order to penetrate porous substrates. It forms a chemical bond with the substrate, creating a hydrophobic barrier that repels water. The water repellent is supplied as a clear liquid with 98% active ingredients. It can be applied by airless sprayer, roller or brush and is available in 418-lb and 40-lb net weight containers. Dow corning Corp.; 800/637-5377; www.dowcorning/com/construction

Exterior and Interior Applications
The Sealtight Ceramar-Gardox System creates high-efficiency, flexible, exterior or interior horizontal joints. Two components make up the system--Ceramar Flexible Foam Expansion Joint and Gardox Horizontal Joint Sealant. Ceramar is easy to cut or form in the field. The resilient, nonextruding product compresses easily and recovers to over 99% of its shape. Gardox is a ready-to-use, pourable, two-component, cold-applied compound. It forms a rubber-like joint seal. The product provides a smooth, nontracking surface in the summer and retains flexibility in winter. W.R. Meadows Inc.; 847/214-2100;

Highly Versatile Method

This internal structural reinforcement meets the specific requirements of masonry parapet and retaining walls. The Paratec system strengthens low parapet masonry walls, such as those found on roofs or balconies, or a low wall that is part of a bridge or an embankment. It features a stainless steel bar enclosed in a flexible mesh fabric sleeve. A specially formulated grout is injected into the sleeve, which when mixed with water, produces a strong pumpable cementitious grout. Cintec America Inc.; 800/363-6066;

Alternative to Cast-In-Place Concrete

The Girder-Slab system, a steel-and-precast-concrete assembly, is designed for use in construction of multistory residential structures. The patented, assembled-in-place system can be used as an alternative to cast-in-place structures and offers a low floor-to-floor height. The system features a special steel girder with cut-outs, known as an open-web, dissymmetric beam or D Beam, supporting precast, hollow-core concrete slabs grouted in place to form a composite assembly. Girder-Slab Technologies LLC, formerly known as Flex Frame LLC; 888/478-1100;