Heavy-Duty Generator: Electric Start
M DeWalt; 800-433-9258;www.dewalt.com

SeeSnake Inspection Camera : LCD Screen
TRidge Tool Co.; 800-769-7743; www.ridgid.com

Keyless Entry System: Uses Fingerprint-Scan Technology
M Kwikset; 1-800-327-5625;www.kwikset.com

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CPVC/Metal Composite Pipe: Bendable
T Noveon Inc.; 216-447-5000;www.noveon.com

anufacturer is launching a new line of generators in July designed for jobsite use. Features include DeWalt-built engines ranging from 196 cc displacement to 389 cc, low-oil shutoff and electric start using a standard 18-V DeWalt cordless tool battery in a lockable location for security. A pull-cord start also is on each machine. The mounting frame wraps around the control panel for maximum instrument protection and incorporates a lifting hook to facilitate transport of the generator and elevation to prevent theft. The generators will have 25% greater surge-watt capacity than comparable equipment, the maker says. he new SeeSnake inspection camera is a hand-held, fully flexible and adjustable tool that allows users to see into hard-to-reach locations. A high-resolution camera head is attached to a 3-ft reinforced vinyl cable. Images are transmitted to a 2.5-in. color LCD screen that sits on the tool's pistol-grip handle. The camera is equipped with two high-intensity LEDs that are controlled by a knob on the handle. The tool comes with three tip attachments that twist and lock into place—a hook, magnet and mirror. Three-ft extensions can be purchased separately. The suggested retail price is $239 and shipments begin this month. anufacturer presents SmartScan, a biometrically accessible deadbolt door-lock system that can be applied to internal and external doors in residential applications. This technology completely eliminates the need for a key or key code, utilizing only a fingerprint scan. The deadbolt is activated by swiping a valid fingerprint across a sensor, which can read sub-dermal fingerprint patterns located beneath the outer surface layer of the skin. It is unaffected by dirty or worn fingertips. SmartScan is programmable to operate with up to 50-plus user fingertips and can be easily installed on most standard doors with no hard wiring required. The lock operates with four AA batteries, which can last up to a year. he new FlowGuard Gold, a multi-layer CPVC/metal composite pipe, consists of an inner layer of CPVC, a middle layer of butt-welded aluminum and an outside layer of CPVC. The layers are bonded with a specially formulated adhesive to withstand water temperatures up to 180° F and solvent cement. The pipe can be ordered in any size coils and used for potable water in under-slab locations.