"Finally, we have something to announce," says Bernard Fried, CEO of Citadon, San Francisco. He says Citadon CW, a completely re-designed fifth generation version of the company's collaboration software, now has two major enterprise clients and others using it on a job-by-job basis. Extensive XML/SOAP-based application interfaces in the product support customization and data exchange between various business and design applications.

Enterprise customers Bechtel Group and GE Power Systems have signed multiyear contracts. Shell Oil Products U.S. will use the software on pipelines. Implementation is expected to extend into the third quarter of this year.

"It was built with quite a number of our clients," Fried says. "Clients helped us define templates for business processes they collectively agreed they liked."

company created in 2001 from the merger of a pair of Web project site enterprises and redesigned with input from both sets of subscribers is now signing up clients for new software the process has spawned.