In an effort to bring order to chaos, a Canadian company is launching a drive to promote a standard modeling scheme for color specification and matching for building materials, interior finishes and hardware products.

(Image courtesy of CBN Systems)

"There is no common color language in the construction industry," explains Ken Turpin, chairman of CBN Systems, Delta, British Columbia. "Each paint company names their colors separately."

Turpin, who has a background in paint, caulking and stain manufacturing, says his idea is to create a two-part system to standardize color nomenclature, and then link that to product formulation software. His vision is that any customer with an alphanumeric code for a particular shade can ask for, and get, products in exactly that color from companies equipped with his formulation software. Turpin has applied for multiple patents for the system.

Unlike present specification methods which rely on paint chips and sample swatches, the CBN color engine generates code definitions of shades directly from computer monitors. The company is distributing the color-picking software free at Turpin’s marketing plan is to give customers and specifiers free, easy access to the system, which will encourage manufacturers and dealers to buy his formulation software to meet demand.