Reactions are mixed to the revamping of the model code development process announced by the International Code Council, which publishes the widely adopted International Building Code and 12 other "I" codes. The new process maintains ICC’s three-year code-development cycle but eliminates the code supplements, published 18 months after each code. "Instead of having two complete code development cycles every three years, we are moving to one," says Tom Frost, ICC’s senior vice president of technical services. ICC says the new system reduces the length of code hearings, increases participation and allows both the code development and final action hearings to be scheduled at about the same time every year. Many in favor of the change say the supplement will not be missed because it is not typically adopted by jurisdictions. They also welcome shorter hearing periods, which can last up to two weeks. Those against the change fear the code will become very static and poorly written. They also are concerned about the new process leading to voting abuses. Proposals for code changes for the 2012 model code are due on April 24.