Conrado Rodrigues

A 2009 graduate with a B.A. in building construction management and now working for SIKON Construction, Conrado Rodrigues believes his generation holds the key to a more productive industry.

“While the older generation tends to react to change negatively, the younger generation is more open to changing the way the process is done and using new technology to increase the efficacy of the building process,” says Rodrigues. “Ultimately, these innovations will help us find new ways to deliver the final product faster, safer and under budget.”

Rodrigues says he believes young people moving into the business bring high ethical standards and a shared conviction that the best way to long-term success is to “treat clients fairly and with respect,” which will promote repeat client business and build a sound reputation.

Rodrigues, who immigrated to the U.S. from Brazil as a child with his parents, is fluent in three languages and not afraid of challenges and change. He chose a less traditional general contractor that allows him to play multiple roles within project management, business development and estimating.