The Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University will help working professionals learn how to align four key business sectors— people, resources, facilities and organization—with a new Integrated Sustainability Management Badge and Certificate program starting this summer.

The program is targeted toward sustainability professionals working in all industries, and is divided into four 15-hour segments called badges. Those who complete all four badges earn the Integrated Sustainability Management Certificate.

The People badge will teach participants about messaging, getting good data and knowing how to use it and designing effective behavior change campaigns. The Resources badge will cover supply chain management and processes, getting started with resource use analysis, tracking, benchmarking and prioritizing conservation campaigns from start to finish.

The Facilities badge will teach about green-building concepts and strategies that can be applied to office buildings or real estate portfolios, help participants to identify low- to no-cost improvements immediately, and understand potential financing options for capital investment projects.

The Organization badge focuses on how to interact with leadership and engage employees, and participants will understand how to develop reports and be effective storytellers.

This summer, in-class sessions will be offered for each badge in Fort Collins, along with an online webinar. The courses are taught by leading content experts and will include classroom lecture, interactive activities, independent take-home exercises and application of concepts. Participants can earn just one badge, or choose to complete all four to earn the certificate, as follows.

101: Foundations & Principles of Integrated Sustainability Management, online webinar taught by Brian Dunbar, Institute for the Built Environment – a free introductory lecture expected to be available beginning in late May

204: Optimizing the Built Environment, May 29 and June 19, taught by April Brown, Institute for the Built Environment (Facilities badge)

201: Organizational Strategy & Alignment, May 30 and June 20, taught by Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewing (Organization badge)

202: People & Behavior Change, July 24 and Aug.14, taught by Jeni Cross, associate professor of sociology, Colorado State University (People badge)

203: Natural Resource Management, July 25 and Aug. 15, taught by Lisa Rephlo, Founder, Slipstream LLC (Resources badge).

The cost of each badge is $750, with discounts for registering for the whole program.