Products   05/04/2011
Trailer-Mounted Work Lamp: Adjustable Height The Magnalight HIDTH-66X2-70W is a trailer-hitch-mounted work light. It boasts a 12,600-lumen floodlight that can illuminate a 600-ft by 575-ft work area. It has two 70-watt HID lamps and a 3-ft to 8-ft adjustable height. It connects to a standard trailer hitch with a push bolt and slide pin. A thumb bolt at the base of the mount can be loosened to swivel the lamp 180�. The HID lamps are waterproof and can be used in rough working conditions. The work light can run on 12-volt or 24-volt DC power. Larson Electronics; 800-369-6671;
Survey Data Collector: New Upgrade Gives Finer Measurements Topcon has upgraded its GRS-1 Handheld Data Collector to include sub-decimeter kits for GIS data collection. The increased positioning precision allows the upgraded GRS-1 to be used in inspecting utilities as well as in water and wastewater management. The sub-decimeter and centimeter accuracy is provided through a real-time network connection and requires a unit with a GSM or CDMA modem.
Topcon Positioning Systems; 925-245-8300;
Crane-Hoist System: Reduces Cycle Times on Lighter Loads Linden Comansa has introduced the Effi-Plus crane-hoist drive system, which significantly increases hoisting and lowering speeds on lighter loads, thus reducing overall lift cycle times. The system uses a brake to limit the maximum speed of the electric motor, thereby extending the life of the machine when not working under high loads. When Effi-Plus is used with the crane's automatic reeving function, the operator can change the crane speed-load chart from the cab in a matter of minutes. Effi-Plus is designed to work on Linden Comansa 24-, 37-, 50- and 65-kW drives of the LC1100, LC2100 and luffing-jib LCL cranes. Linden Comansa;
Corrugated Plastic Sheeting: Recyclable and Reusable CoroGreen is a recyclable corrugated plastic sheeting intended for use as temporary wall and flooring protection. Its polypropylene composition allows it to be used in high-moisture environments, unlike many paper- and wood-based corrugated sheeting. CoroGreen features high post-consumer and post-industrial content and qualifies for the relevant LEED credit.
Coroplast; 800-361-5150;