Products   04/27/2011
Gasoline-Powered Welder: Rugged Design The Outback 145 Engine-Driven Welder is powered by a Kohler 9.5-hp gasoline engine suitable for work in remote environments. The welder delivers 145 amps of DC output, welding with stick electrodes up to 1/8 in. Its AC generator provides 4,750 watts of peak power and 4,250 watts of continuous power for accessories such as grinders, work lights and pumps. The Outback 145 weighs 245 lb and has a rugged, 11/4-in. tube frame to protect the engine as well as a cast-iron cylinder liner for longer engine life. Lincoln Electric; 216-481-8100;
Hydraulic Demolition Cutter: Easily Replaceable Jaws The CombiCutter 4700 hydraulic demolition cutter features two articulated jaws and two lifting cylinders that can apply a constant crushing force. The combination of single- and twin-blade jaws ensures better stability under intense loads. Mounted on a single main pin, the jaws can be removed on the jobsite, saving maintenance time. Built-in couplings link the jaws so they do not become misaligned when removed. Atlas Copco; 800-732-6762;
Concrete Pumps: Highly Customizable Schwing now is offering its stationary pumps in a wide variety of configurations with different power options. The pumps range from 20-hp pea gravel pumps to 590-hp concrete pumps with diesel or electric power. Stationary pumps are available with either trailer or skid mounting; the power source can be separately mounted. Schwing; 888-724-9464;
Solar-Powered Arrow Board: Self-Adjusting Brightness The Arrowmaster Pro-Line Solar-Assisted Advance Warner is a trailer-mounted arrow board designed to reduce warning-system operating costs. It is powered by a 210-amp, deep-cycle-battery storage bank that is charged by a top-mounted solar panel. The arrow board is capable of operating continuously for 30 days without a solar charge and features an electronic control unit that, depending on ambient visibility, adjusts lamp intensity, saving power. Work Area Protection; 800-327-4417;