Products   12/15/2010
Vertical Mast Lift: Jib System Avoids Obstacles The JLG “Toucan” T26E Mast Boom Lift is an update of the E26MJ model. It has a vertical telescopic mast with a jib to get around obstacles and a platform capacity of 500 lb, an overall width of 39 in. and a max platform height of 26 ft. The T26E is electrically powered, and a direct electric drive provides a longer battery life. The lift is intended for HVAC and electrical contractors.JLG Industries; 877-554-5438;
Diagnostic Tools: Compact and Handheld The RIDGID micro LM-100 laser distance meter provides readings of up to 164 ft and is accurate to within 1/16 in. The micro CD-100 combustible gas detector quickly detects dangerous gases. The micro IR-100 infrared thermometer is accurate over moderate distances. RIDGID; 800-769-7743;
Cleaner Air: Exhaust Filters The Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitator is able to capture up to 99.9% of sub-micron smokes, mists and emulsion oils using washable cells. It operates on 0.7 amps per 1,000 cubic feet per minute of capacity and can be configured for 200 cfm to 40,000 cfm exhaust streams. United Air Specialists; 800-252-4647;

Stainless Welding: New Consumables Lincoln Electric has two new lines of stainless welding consumables to replace its existing Red Baron and Blue Max lines. The Excalibur Stainless stick electrode can weld several types of austenitic steels and has low carbon levels to reduce carbide precipitation. The Lincolnweld Stainless Submerged Arc Flux is resistant to moisture and offers fluxes for both joining and stainless cladding applications. Lincoln Electric; 888-355-3213;