Products   09/08/2010

Material Removal: New Accessories Fit Sawzall and Hackzall Recip Saws Milwaukee Electric Tool has introduced two scraper blades and a grout-removal tool that are compatible with all Sawzall and Hackzall Recip Saws. The scraper blades are available in both 11/2-in. and 3-in. sizes and can be used for removing linoleum flooring, adhesives, paint, drywall mud, rust and other materials. The carbide-grit grout-removal tool can remove grout from 1/8-in. up to 3/4-in. in width. The scraper blades and the grout-removal tool all feature a corrosion-resistant coating. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; 800-729-3878;
Concrete Floor Grinder: Polishing Power The UltraGrind Concrete Grinding Machine can be used to both remove materials and polish concrete floors. The grinder is fueled by propane and is powered by a 20-hp Kawasaki 603-cc engine. A built-in 8-gal water tank allows the operator to re-wet the floor as needed. Aztec Products Inc.; 215-393-4700;
Redesigned Water Pumps: More Efficient The e-SV line of stainless-steel, vertical multistage pumps features high-efficiency motors that lower overall energy costs. The e-SV pumps’ hydraulic design reduces NPSHR levels, saving on piping and elevation expenses. There is no need to remove the motor on the pump during maintenance, and both the mechanical seal and the O-ring can be replaced easily. The built-in i-ALERT system continually monitors vibration to improve performance. The pumps can be used with drinking water and in water treatment, water supply and HVAC applications. Goulds Pumps; 315-568-2418;
Light Tower: Compact The LightSource Compact portable light tower provides 460 ft-c of illumination. The heavy-duty galvanized steel tower extends from 12 to 30 ft, and the mast is raised by dual hand-operated winches. At full mast and with all four outrigger jacks secured, the tower will withstand winds up to 65 mph. The tower can be rotated 360� for precise lighting. During transport, the tower is automatically locked in place when in the horizontal position. Doosan Infracore Portable Power; 800-633-5206;