Products   09/01/2010
Composite Concrete Chute: No Liner Needed McNeilus has introduced the Ngen Composite Chute for ready-mix concrete. The chute weighs only 27 lb, much lighter than a standard steel chute but with a comparable durability. Unlike lightweight aluminum chutes, the Ngen Composite Chute does not require a plastic liner when in use, which prevents the problem of concrete building up on the lip of the liner, while the lighter weight reduces strain on the operator. Handles integrated into the chute design to keep the operator’s hands clear of pinch points. McNeilus; 507-374-6321;
Dual Snow Plow: Steel and Rubber Edges for Site Clearing The Swithblade Sno Pusher containment plow can be switched between a rubber edge and a steel-tip edge, allowing it to be used in changing conditions without switching plows. The steel edge is mounted on a specially blended memory urethane that flexes when it encounters an obstruction but can smoothly snap back to its original shape. The cutting edge spans the entire length of the plow, eliminating snow trails. The Switchblade comes in 12 models designed to attach to any make of loader, backhoe or skid steer. Pro-Tech; 888-787-04766;
Redesigned Welding Gun: Self-Shielding Lincoln Electric’s K126 PRO Innershield Flux-Cored Guns are air-cooled, self-shielding welding guns with replaceable liners and integrated control-cable sheathing for better trigger lead protection. The gun’s contact tip holder is replaceable, saving the stainless-steel gun tube if the tip seizes and fuses. The guns are rated to operate at up to 350 amps at a 60% duty cycle and are designed to handle 1/16- to 3/32-in.-dia. wire. The K126 PRO welding guns also feature a 15-ft cable, interchangeable back-end gun/feeder connectors and Magnum PRO expendables. Lincoln Electric; 888-355-3213;
Floor Wood Adhesive: Sound Reduction and Crack Isolation Ultrabond ECO 995 is a urethane wood adhesive that also can serve as a moisture barrier and a sound-reduction element. In recent tests, the adhesive scored a 50 for both sound-transmission class and impact-insulation class when used to install 3/8-in. engineered wood flooring over a 6-in. concrete slab with no suspended ceiling. It also can act as a crack isolator, handling cracks in the concrete subfloor up to 1/8-in. in width. MAPEI Americas; 800-426-2734;