Products   06/09/2010
Pneumatic saw: Cuts Underground Pipe From a Single Side Pneumatic Saw: Cuts Underground Pipe From a Single Side The PowerGrit Air Chain Saw is able to cut underground pipe up to 20-in. from a single side, requiring less room to make the cut than regualr cut-off saws. Diamond elements in the chain grind rather than tear the pipe material, reducing vibration and kickback. Unlike gas-powered saws, the pneumatic saw has no exhaust and needs less maintenance. The saw requires an air flow of 124 cfm at 90 psi. CS Unitec Inc.; 800-700-5919;
Soil Stabilizer: Many Improvements Soil Stabilizer: Many Improvements The 700-hp Roadtec SX-7 soil stabilizer and reclaimer has received several upgrades, including improved visibility and a unified water and emulsion system. The optional cab can slide right or left past the machine’s frame for a better view. The water system allows for any single nozzle or set of nozzles to be turned off individually. A variable volume cutter can move up or down on the fly. Roadtec; 423-265-0600;