Reno Contracting’s Efficient Sustainable Practices (ESP) division was selected to provide energy and water conservation services to the County of San Diego under its energy and water sustainability program.

In conjunction with the County of San Diego Department of General Services, Reno ESP will guide and support the county in its pursuit to lower energy and operational costs, drive down greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reduce water consumption, according to Walt Fegley, president of Reno Contracting, San Diego.

Fegley says Reno ESP designed a strategic leadership relationship with Brummitt Energy Associates and Environmental Building Strategies. The wider team of specialty subconsultants also includes Redhorse Corp., Advanced Onsite Systems and the California Center for Sustainable Energy.

The program encompasses the county’s entire portfolio of more than 1,100 facilities, such as offices, community centers, health service centers, libraries, jails, parks, and fleet garages totaling 7.3 million sq ft. Fegley says Reno ESP will identify and design enhancement projects that reduce water and energy consumption and promote sustainability, including alternative transportation, all of which will first be analyzed for their lifecycle financial benefit. He says Reno will employ a vast array of specialized technical services including LEED consulting, whole building energy assessments, building energy/water usage analysis, distributed generation development and building commissioning services to formulate sustainability recommendations for detailed energy and water conservation projects.