The deadline to submit a survey to ENR New England's annual Top Contractor survey was March 29. But If you need more time to submit your survey please email Justin Rice at ricej@enr.comto request an extension. This extension would be granted for the New England regional survey only. 

To fill out a survey click here.

Click here to learn how to participate in all of ENR's upcoming regional contests and surveys.

This year, we moved our surveys to a new online platform that we hope will provide an easier and better experience for participating firms.

An important note: Information about ENR’s national surveys—such as Top 500 Design Firms and Top 400 Contractors—can be found here.

To get started completing the online surveys, simply follow the links included on each respective survey’s registration page. There, you will be asked to complete a short contact form and create a password.

The rankings will publish in the August issue of ENR New England. Rankings are based on total regional revenues of participating firms. Firms will also be ranked by state revenues and various design specialties and disciplines, as applicable.

The survey will ask you if you would like to be considered for ENR New England Contractor of the Year. The Contractor of the Year will be featured in a story in the May/June issue of ENR New England. The winning firm will also be honored at our Best Projects awards event in Boston in December.

In addition to checking the box on the survey saying you’d like to be considered for Contractor of the Year, it is also helpful if you email answers to the questions below to Justin Rice at Please send a few hi-res photos or renderings from your recently completed or ongoing jobs. We love dynamic action shots that show workers doing work. Please include caption info with the photos and let me know who we should credit for the photo. 

Here are the questions:

-What are your three top projects? Tell me a little bit about them. This can include ongoing projects or projects you just completed or just won. Please send me some photos from those projects.  

-What do you attribute your firm's recent success to? If you've had an increase in revenue from 2016 to 2017 and 2017 to 2018 what do you attribute that too?

-How do you contribute to your community? How many charities are you involved with and in what ways? If you would like you can tell me how much money you contribute to charities each year.