Hey Mr. LinkedIn connection (guy named Jim really): 

It starts with the procurement laws in selecting subs, how subs can bid and perform on design assist contracts is necessary. So the contract workflow would be a Consensus/Project NDA, followed by Design Assist for major "prime" subs (to be defined), a tracking of subs at
close out carefully with measured perfomance data, and then a tracking of jobs won vs. bid for each sub so one company does not dominate and the encouragement of companies, ideas, and competition moves forward.  The prequal is rigorous in that certain jobs demand a "higher rating/degree of difficulty" (i.e. schedule, complexity of design, means and methods risk, etc.).

the surety industry's standards are tied to BIM in all the D's (including 2D btw) and used to define "groups of qualified entities" for public bidding, more companies will get on board and "reach for the standards". Those data requirements must be in part for subs to produce 5D budget to actual info (with revised budgets not original) as being very important. The CM-at risk/subs-at risk model is still paramount since the IPD idea of "shared savings pools" is anathema to the way a sub thinks and acts, (my books and productivity/means and methods are mine).   We will get there, the adoption and use of the right standards are the key!

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