They work in glass or metal, plumbing or electrical systems, paint or plaster.

Below is the preliminary list of ENR New York's Top Specialty Contractors.

You'll see our final rankings in our issue that will be published in our Nov. 19-26, 2018. We'll tell you which New Jersey and New York specialty contractors rank in what spots, their revenues of the last year, and who are the major firms in specific sectors.

This precursory list is subject to change. While it’s too late to submit your firm for consideration to win the New York region’s Specialty Contractor of the Year award — check out that honoree here — you can still turn in your survey by going to the online form:

Here is ENR New York’s preliminary list of Top Specialty Contractors, in alphabetical order:

  • Allied Fire & Safety Equipment Co. Inc.
  • American Pile and Foundation LLC
  • Bamco Inc.
  • Beach Electric Company Inc.
  • Clean Earth Inc.
  • Comfort Systems USA
  • ComNet Communications LLC
  • Coordinated Metals Inc.
  • E-J Electric Installation Co.
  • EMCOR Group Inc.
  • Enclos Corp
  • Five Star Electric Corp
  • Fresh Meadow Mechanical Corp.High Concrete Group LLC
  • High Concrete Group LLC
  • L.M. Sessler Excavating & Wrecking Inc.
  • Lafayette Glass Company
  • MasTec Inc.
  • MMC Contractors Inc.
  • O'Connell Electric Company, Inc.
  • Petillo Inc.
  • R Baker & Son
  • Ruttura & Sons Construction Co.
  • Superior Gunite
  • W&W Glass LLC
  • WDF Inc.