Each year, ENR New York selects an organization as Owner of the Year. Owners are chosen for their innovation and creativity throughout the region. In recent years, winners have included New York City Department of Design and ConstructionThe State University of New York, Brookfield Office Properties and the Related Companies and Oxford Properties team.

This year, ENR New York has selected Columbia University as our 2017 Owner of the Year. Columbia University has been situated in Upper Manhattan for 120 years. The university is currently building its largest expansion ever: the Manhattanville campus, a years long project that began in 2008, and will be complete in 2030. The $6.3 billion new campus includes more than 17 acres of property, adding buildings for science, arts, business, and other departments. As part of this plan, Columbia employs roughly 1,200 construction workers per year, and has added 6,000 new university jobs through the expansion, with the intent of helping the surrounding community. 

We will also have a list of top construction starts for 2016 in New York and New Jersey. Suggestions can be emailed to zevina@enr.com.