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We've taken the success of the ENR RiskReview, launched last year, as a sign that you are eager for more straightforward talk about risk, disputes, guarantees, ethics, regulation and law.

Two months from now, ENR will hold its first full-day Risk & Compliance Summit,September 20th, 2013, in New York City. 

I hope you'll join the conversation.

In addition to identifying risks, especially ones we may not see coming, a goal of the summit is to identify which risks are the most compelling and worthy of resources and which ones are less important.

Everyone's got their own ideas of how risk should be managed. I'd like to know when some of the new technology and methods of doing business will give us better financial data as well as the hoped-for collaborative advantages. When will economically coerced risk shifting no longer be a popular method of risk control?

We all know the waste and potential aggravation every time a project falls far behind schedule, retained funds are held back for months on end or a company is investigated or penalized by government.

We’ve pulled together some of the sharpest, hardest-working people we know to talk about how they see and manage risk. They'll discuss the evolution of risk, the perils to the project team, what government and regulators can do to you and the complications of collaboration, technology and sustainability. A paving contracting CEO will tell us about life at the top and bottom of the payment chain. And we'll have an hour-long chat with two of the smartest safety experts you've ever heard from. During lunch some risk experts will be answering the questions you put to them.

Finally, I'll review some of the cosliest disputes and blow-ups of the last year or so.