ENR’s 12th annual The Year in Construction Photo Contest is now open for submissions. This is an annual favorite of readers and editors alike.

Each year, ENR invites readers to submit their best construction photos to compete for inclusion in a construction photography gallery published in ENR and displayed on our website for years to come. 

The main rules are that the photos must have been taken between Nov. 12, 2011, and Nov. 9, 2012, and they either must be submitted by the photographer or by someone acting with the photographer’s permission. 

We are looking for dynamic, well-composed and aesthetically pleasing photos. But please, no photos showing unsafe conditions or behavior.

A panel of judges will select the best for publication in ENR’s Jan. 14, 2013, issue. In addition, all qualifying submissions will be posted on ENR.com in a special photo-contest readers’ gallery as they are received and processed. 

Like all technology associated with design and construction, photography has undergone a transformation in the years since the contest started. Nearly everyone on a jobsite these days has a camera. Most cell phones can capture images in high resolution. 

Excellent cameras seem to be everywhere, and cloud services to store, share, print and associate photographs with project data are popping up as well. 

Photography has evolved from a rarefied specialty skill or somewhat difficult hobby into a ubiquitous communication tool. But at a fundamental level, really good photos have not changed. We value them because they charge the imagination, beguile us with stories and delight us with drama, light, textures, details and colors. 

Look at the galleries of previous winners on ENR.com to see what the judges have liked in the past, and then go to the entry form and submit your best shots. The deadline is Nov. 9.