The U.S. Green Building Council is opening LEED 2012 up for public comment, for the fourth time, starting tomorrow, May 11, and ending May 28.
The group says the new version of the green-building rating system will have
four main areas of improvement :  LEED 2012 will, for the first time, have adaptations for data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, hospitality facilities (i.e. hotels), existing schools, existing retail and mid-rise residential. There will be a new credit focus on the reduction of carbon emissions, a life-cycle approach to materials and an increased emphasis on measurement and performance. USGBC also says that certification will be streamlined. And the group is establishing more consistent standards for projects through universal language. The new version of the rating system has built upon the LEED 2009 alternative compliance paths, now called global options, and incorporates international standards and paths for recognizing local solutions, says the group.
Interested parties can go to the LEED 2012 website for more details and to comment. They can also view a video on the development of LEED.