Yes, it's trendy and often kind of fun, but construction professionals don't spend much time with things that don't have any value for them. A team of ENR editors is looking into how architects, engineers, contractors, owners and suppliers are finding value in the host of social media tools that they are now using in growing numbers.

We are looking for examples of how social media has been used to win and close business, how social media policies have been developed by industry firms, how social media is being used in closed networks, and how it has helped firms grow closer to their clients. We want to have examples spanning the ever-expanding lineup of social media tools from Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and YouTube to Google+ and other new contenders.

Our package of stories will appear as a web-exclusive feature on on Oct. 19. Post your examples right here on this blog or on ENR's Facebook page ( can e-mail them, too). We'd love to have pictures of people and projects that have contributed to social media plans, and we definitely want links to your YouTube videos and blogs.

I hope to hear from you soon!