Linea Plus is an in-wall radiator unit that features Low-H2O technology, which allows the unit to heat quickly with relatively low energy consumption. It is well suited for use in low-temperature hydronic systems and with renewable-energy sources, such as solar or geothermal. The Linea Plus' design allows for any kind of pipe or vent to be hidden behind the front panel. It has a maximum surface temperature of 109° F, even when the water temperature is 194° F. It is available as a freestanding or wall unit in 25 different colors. Jaga North America;

Featuring an integrated LED driver, the MaxLite Plug-and-Play Lightbar can plug right into existing 120-volt electrical systems. Fully dimmable using any incandescent dimmer, the Lightbar can be linked together for uninterrupted runs. The product is available in 6-in. and 1-ft lengths, with LED arrangements that can produce 125 lumens to 536 lumens. MaxLite; 800-555-5629;

CalStar Permeable Pavers feature 40% post-industrial recycled material as the binder, and they are manufactured using a less-energy-intensive process than is used to produce clay or concrete pavers. Designed to work with a permeable sub-base, the pavers have large lugs to accommodate stormwater runoff and feature a drainage rate of more than 800 in. an hour. Calstar Products; 510-793-9500;

The Evolution Series 9000 Tilt & Turn Window is an all-aluminum window that can both tilt open from the top and swing open from a side hinge. Multiple windows can be combined using either a continuous master-frame system or a zero-mullion system. The frame's thermal efficiency is due to a 1/2-in. thermal-barrier polyamide I-Bar strut system; a variety of low-E glass is available for the frame. The 9000 Series is available in large floor-to-ceiling sizes up to 52 in. wide and 84 in. high. Crystal Window & Door Systems; 718-961-7300;