After a bump, the demolition of Seattle's Husky Stadium is moving ahead.

Despite stressing a crane to the point of damage when dismantling the overhanging roof on the south side of Seattle’s Husky Stadium, Turner Construction Co., the project's general contractor, was able to continue roof demolition from the grandstand seating area, says Richard Teddy, Turner’s senior project manager.

Demolition crews utilized cables and a cutting shear on a high-reach extendable track-hoe to remove the roof and upper seating areas, which are being demolished and hauled out for recycling. No additional crane was needed. Demolition crews will now work into February removing the southern lower bowl of seating and footings. Excavation and shoring are already being performed elsewhere on the site, part of a $250-million stadium renovation.

Last month, a video of the roof demolition showed a jarring, or shock-loading, to a crane while the east portion of the roof was being demolished, the result of a large cutting device getting caught up in the roof's steel girders. While no one was injured, the crane was damaged, , says a spokesman for the state's Dept. of Labor and Industries.