PDF mark-up tool maker Bluebeam and virtualization software provider Citrix are on a mission to reduce the amount of paper that is often chased on major projects. Their latest partnership could do more of that and help users collaborate across different platforms with more ease.

The companies say they have integrated Citrix's ShareFile cloud storage service with Bluebeam's Revu iPad app. It works like this: After files are synced with Revu for the iPad, ShareFile users work on project PDFs using Revu's Bluebeam Studio, which is Bluebeam's integrated cloud-based collaboration environment, a key feature of its desktop product.

Because Bluebeam's flagship desktop products, Revu 12.0 and Vu, are compatible with only Windows operating systems, Mac desktop users must use virtualization software, such as Boot Camp or Parallels, to recreate a Windows environment in order to run Revu or Vu. (Citrix's own virtualization products, XenApp 6.0 and 6.5, are now certified for Bluebeam's Revu 12.0.)

The latest integration means Bluebeam users will be able to navigate to their ShareFile files and folders and then sync, view and edit these files using Revu's mark-up, measurement and collaboration tools. The collaboration helps Revu users do more with their iPads, such as pin files and folders to custom categories, edit PDFs with industry-standard symbols and save custom mark-ups for reuse, all the while helping to cut down on how much paper is printed out among project teams.