In late June, Magellan Navigation Inc. released the IPX-7 waterproof ToughCase for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Designed with the clumsy and adventuresome in mind, the case is meant to make the devices water- and shock-resistant while maintaining full functionality.

The exterior looks rugged, but high-tech enhancements are hidden inside.
Photo: Tom Sawyer
The exterior looks rugged, but high-tech enhancements are hidden inside.

The ToughCase’s $200 price tag buys 30 minutes of protection underwater to a depth of one meter. Although we would not recommend tossing your iPhone into a water-filled bucket, our still-functioning iPhone gives evidence that you can.

The ToughCase’s bulky 7.5 ounces do far more than protect against an accidental ride in the washing machine; it adds several useful features as well. The case stores a secondary battery, which Magellan claims doubles the battery life of the iPhone. Magellan, known for its popular GPS products, also has enhanced the iPhone’s weak GPS receiver. The case includes a GPS chipset that the company says improves the accuracy of location-based and GPS applications.

Magellan plans to release a range of accessories for the case, including car mounts, which will complete the iPhone’s transformation into a product shockingly similar to products found in Magellan’s line.

Attempting to keep up with Apple’s perpetual product upgrades, Magellan is said to be planning to introduce a ToughCase for the iPhone 4, which was released on June 24.