Two companies with industrial- strength software for handling data for infrastructure operations and management have been bought by a vendor known for design and engineering software. The firm has its eye on delivering cradle-to-grave facilities-information management solutions.

Bentley Systems Inc., Exton, Pa., announced on Feb. 9 the acquisition of San Diego-based Enterprise Informatics Inc. and U.K.-based Exor Corp. Bentley says it plans to develop an asset data management platform to help operations and maintenance staff members “take full advantage of information modeling.”

Enterprise Informatics’ eB Insight software is used in the energy, nuclear, rail and government sectors to provide enterprise-level configuration and change management tools for operations. It ensures that asset information is governed, secure, controlled and reliable.

Exor’s software is focused on management and operations of linear—that is, horizontal—infrastructure, including roads and railways. It is used to manage and relate data for structures, safety, pavement conditions, permits and right-of-way information in the network.

Ruby Bradley, manager of Kansas Dept. of Transportation’s Geometric and Accident Data Unit, says she hasn’t heard enough to evaluate the Exor news, but she is hopeful it will lead to improved coordination between many of the software products KDOT already uses. “If we could get our design information directly into our asset inventory, it would be a huge benefit,” she says.

Scott Clardy, configuration manager at AmerenUE Callaway Nuclear Power Plant, Fulton, Mo., says he knows both companies’ software well. He believes that, by using them in combination, operators and managers will improve their ability to draw on information embedded in the design files. “They’ve got a good product, and now they purchased another good product. I am interested to see how it will turn out,” he says.