“4:59 AM pH balance at 6.341”

“Hmm … that’s normal. Can you analyze the moisture flow trends in Quad5Zone816 since groundbreaking?”

“Analyzing …”

“This still won’t answer my question,” she corrected herself.

“xBIM, run a comparative model of the soil suction values and the moisture content in the foundations of Quad5Zone816.”

“Running comparative model…"

“Umm … Actually that won’t do it either … I really need to discuss this issue with someone.”

“Sorry I cannot find anyone named Someone in the project database: would you like me to recalculate again?” Disappointed, Maya decided to call it a day.

At home, the sight of her dear husband Adrian was refreshing. Adrian was a teacher and an expert in the evolution of human communication, archaic social networks and the now mostly obsolete activities called verbal communication. Sitting across from Adrian, Maya ticked offline from her i790 and began to actually talk to him about her frustrations and work problems.  After patiently listening, he said, “Maya, you will be surprised what you can learn from the past,” as he handed her a teaching tab for the i790 that routed her back in time.

July 13, 2010