As we enter 2011, we’re seeing a distinct sign of a market recovery. It’s not a large spike in one of the traditional measurements such as consistent GDP growth, dramatically shrinking unemployment or improvement in construction starts. But it is still an important harbinger of growth.

Industry marketers are telling ENR’s business team that they are preparing to emerge into a different market, under new terms of engagement and in a dramatically changed competitive landscape. AEC firms, product manufacturers and technology, equipment and service providers are now actively speaking to us about construction’s inevitable economic recovery. They’re talking about their need today to target the entire construction team—owners, contractors, engineers and designers. And, they’re talking about being ahead of the curve, gaining share-of-market, differentiating through thought leadership, introducing new products and value propositions, tapping adjacent construction markets and perfecting their branding, integrated media and lead-generation best practices. Leading industry players are sharpening their marketing tool kit and making decisions and investments today to compete to win in the new paradigm that accompanies the market rebound.

ENR has been sharpening its tool kit, too. On Jan. 10, 2011, in response to the needs of our audiences and industry marketers, we’re launching a first for the industry—an integrated media network combining ENR’s tradition of national and global coverage with regional media that leverages the ENR brand for key local markets. We’re introducing regional editions in the pages of ENR in seven major construction markets. Six times a year you’ll see regional editions branded ENR Southeast, ENR Southwest, ENR Midwest, ENR California, ENR Texas & Louisiana, and ENR Mountain States. ENR New York will be published 10 times a year as a supplement to ENR. will link to seven targeted regional websites, and regional e-newsletters will alert readers to the content online. This new ENR Media Network meets our audience’s expressed request for more regional news and analysis, while providing marketers with a next-generation solution to communicate, engage and win customers in 2011 and beyond.

You will be seeing and hearing much more about the ENR Media Network in the weeks and months ahead. In the meantime, I’d like to hear from you about how you are sharpening your marketing communications tool kit for 2011. We’re looking forward to helping you succeed. Call me at (212) 904-6791 or e-mail