Mike Hill, ENR’s newest blogger, has no training in medicine or psychology but is hoping to help you get a better night’s sleep by demystifying the issues surrounding surety bonds and insurance. A surety bond broker with the Baldwin Cox Agency in North Texas, Hill has many years of industry experience. During that time, he has amassed enough knowledge to know that winter comes every year, rain often follows thunder, and that both rain and snow can make a mess of construction sites, such as the one pictured above in Virginia. Some of the questions that he will be pondering include, “What do you mean they won’t approve the bond?” and the always pertinent, “Our dump truck hit WHAT?” He also is planning to tackle subjects such as bid-bond paperwork, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s new focus on distracted driving and why it’s always better to tell your surety about new developments at your contracting company before your competitors do. Find Hill’s posts on ENR.com.

Ensuring Your Night’s Rest
Photo: AP Worldwide

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