Your construction-picture issue was great. I have never seen anything like some of the pictures I viewed there. I respect the efforts of all involved to ensure safe practices were shown in all pictures. However, I note two safety questions about two of the pictures.

On page 30, there is a great picture of underground construction in New York City. I enjoyed this picture immensely until I realized that the worker was standing on top of the rail. In my eight years at BNSF Railway, I learned that one should never step on the head of the rail. It is frequently slippery, and if one slips, the other rail is just the right distance away to break your fall—and your head or neck. Stepping on the rail head should not be considered safe by anyone.�

On page 31, there is an excellent picture showing some workers standing on the edge of a deep excavation. By the picure angle, I am making the assumption that they are directly adjacent to the lip of the excavation. I do not see any railings or boundary markers that would keep these five people from falling into the pit. There is no evidence in the shadow of any barrier. I am also wondering about the sidewall protection of that trench.