Frank Bardonaro Sr., who, over several decades, helped to streamline the operations of crane rental firms, died in Cincinnati on Oct. 21. He was 71.


According to Frank Bardonaro Jr., his father designed processes—such as matching crane-operator qualifications to assigned machines and contractor requirements—that made renting cranes safer and more efficient in the absence of today's rental software and regulations.

"Working with my father provided life lessons," says Bardonaro Jr., who currently is president of sales at Maxim.

Bardonaro served as dispatcher and operations manager for 27 years at Carlisle Crane, which, in 1999, joined with Anthony Crane to become known as Maxim Crane Works LP. He left Maxim in 2002 to become vice president of operations for Ohio at AmQuip, later working as that firm's special-projects manager until his death.