President Obama has issued a directive that establishes a task force comprising state, local and tribal leaders to recommend ways to address the impact of climate change. One goal is to make infrastructure more resilient.

In a Nov. 1 executive order, Obama said the 26-member panel, whose members include California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and Carmel, Ind., Mayor James Brainard (R), would advise the administration on reducing barriers to fund resilient infrastructure, modernizing federal grants to support local efforts and developing data and other tools that agencies need to prepare for climate change.

The order also directs federal agencies to work with each other and the task force to modernize programs to support climate-resilient investments and identify changes in land and water policies, programs and regulations to protect watersheds, eco-systems and infrastructure against natural disasters. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz called the directive an important step in strengthening partnerships with states, localities and tribes.