The Dept. of Transportation has selected two projects in California and one each in Colorado, Texas and Virginia to apply for loans under its Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) program.

The five winners, announced on April 24, were chosen from among 26 projects. Those not picked—including New York's $6-billion replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge—are eligible for future TIFIA consideration.

The two projects in California are a $1.3-billion extension and added lane for state Route 91 between Orange and Riverside counties and a $960-million bridge in Long Beach. Also making the cut are a $140-million U.S. 36 corridor program in Colorado; a $1.5-billion package of toll roads and other upgrades on I-35W near Fort Worth, Texas; and a $927-million program to convert high-occupancy-vehicle lanes to toll lanes in Virginia.

DOT has $110 million available in 2012 funds for direct TIFIA subsidy aid, which will support $1.1 billion in loans.