Maryland's transportation secretary, John D. Porcari, is President Obama's choice to hold the number-two post at the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, the White House announced on April 10. His nomination is subject to Senate confirmation.

John D. Porcari

Porcari has led Maryland DOT since 2007, his second stint in the job. He also was the state agency's secretary from 1999 to 2002. Both times he served under Democratic governors. Between those two periods, Porcari was the University of Maryland's vice president for administrative affairs.

Jane F. Garvey, former head of the Federal Aviation Administration and acting Federal Highway Administration chief in the Clinton administration, had been viewed as the top candidate for the DOT deputy secretary's position, but withdrew her name several weeks ago.

Maryland DOT is responsible for all transportation modes in the state--highways, transit, aviation, maritime and motor vehicle licensing.

Porcari also is chairman of the Maryland Transportation Authority, which oversees state toll bridges and tunnels.