Baylor College of Medicine


Award of Merit

Submitted by: Linbeck Group LLC

Owner: Baylor College of Medicine

Lead Design Firm: Page Southerland Page

General Contractor: Linbeck Group LLC

Subcontractors: Door Pro System; MGC Inc.; Dynamic Glass; Marek Brothers Systems LLC; Impact Stone Design Inc.; Architectural Floors; M.J. Maly Inc.; BioGold Environmental; Allied Fire Protection LP

This project is located in downtown Houston and is surrounded by medical facilities, stores, a university and green spaces.

While BMC’s DeBakey Center’s surroundings are pleasant, they are not ideal for a construction project. The challenges ranged from dumpster issues to deliveries.

The most basic material had to be preplanned and carefully scheduled. “Due to the traffic and congestion in the Texas Medical Center, a dumpster could only be stationed overnight and had to be removed by the morning,” the contractor explained. Additionally, contractors working in the building had access to a single service elevator. To solve this challenge, Linbeck devised schedules allowing contractors necessary access by the early morning and managed all deliveries to fit within that time span.

“To account for lead times that were longer than the overall construction schedule, Linbeck ordered materials early in design, which in turn allowed the design/construction schedules to stay on track,” the company said.