Al Salamlek Palace

Alexandria, Egypt

Best Project

Submitted by: Hassan Allam Construction

Owner: Army - Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces

Lead Design Firm: EGAD Designs

General Contractor: Hassan Allam Construction

Meeting deadlines was an ongoing challenge for the fast-tracked project to restore the late 19th-century Al Salamlek Palace, but the team finished in 21 months, on time and below budget.

“Cohesive teamwork played a pivotal role in creating a positive work environment, aiding in overcoming challenges and achieving high performance during the execution phase,” says Mohamed Abd El Latif, El Salamlek project director.

The restored historic landmark, which sits in the Al Montazah Park, allows visitors to learn about Egypt’s history, culture and innovative architecture.

Al Salamlek Palace

Photo by Hassan Allam Construction

The 19,151-sq-ft palace, on landscaped grounds that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, contains a hotel with 18 guest rooms. It also has myriad amenities, including a spa, a gym, a wedding hall, a casino, two restaurants, 77 cabins and swimming pools.

One challenge involved managing the restoration while the park remained open to visitors. This required the team to work out “precise material delivery schedules” and strengthen safety measures during construction, says the contractor.

The team used custom conservation methods to preserve unique architectural features and ensure cultural authenticity. In work on the King’s Room, the team used a variety of tools and approaches to avoid wood rot—a common problem with timber frames.

Al Salamlek Palace

Photo by Hassan Allam Construction

Those included applying fungicides, controlled drying and, where deemed necessary, the use of epoxy resins for structural reinforcement.

The team also balanced the need for structural reinforcement with historic preservation. To repair a vertical crack in the palace, the team first assessed the crack to fully understand its cause, depth and behavior.

Crews then installed a steel U-channel along the length of the crack before embedding vertical clips into the existing structure and sealing the crack with epoxy or other suitable material.

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