In 2012, ENR launched a new quarterly feature that is focused on world-record structures or machines. These compilations proved to be very popular with our readers.

The leadoff feature was devoted to the 10 longest cable-stayed bridges in the world. Seven of the 10 are located in China, which is a testament to the vast scale of construction activity there.

Looking at the 10 largest-capacity wastewater treatment plants in the world drove home the realization that these huge public works play critical roles in protecting urban environments.

Identifying the largest green roofs mostly entailed looking at large industrial complexes or warehouses that the public seldom, if ever, gets to see.

Ranking the world’s largest land-based cranes was an opportunity to look at a new generation of giant machines that allow owners and contractors to prefabricate large, extremely heavy modules for various industrial projects.

In connection with special coverage of sports construction, we looked at 10 different record-breaking sports facilities, from stadiums to skate parks.

10 Longest Cable-Stayed Bridges: January

10 Largest-Capacity Wastewater Treatment Plants: March

10 Largest Green Roofs: July

10 Largest-Capacity Land-Based Cranes: September

10 World-Record Sports Facilities: November