The Georgia Dept. of Transportation is planning to widen a 7.6-mile-long segment of State Route 44 in Greene County from two to four lanes. The urban section will include a 16-ft raised median, bike lanes, sidewalk and two 11-ft-wide lanes in each direction. The rural section will include a 32-ft depressed median, both an 11-ft-wide and a 12-ft-wide lane in each direction and a bike lane on a 6.5-ft-wide shoulder. The project is valued at $110.9 million. Georgia Dept. of Transportation, 600 W. Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, 30308. DR#11-00662251.


Hunt Forest Products Inc. and Tolko Industries Ltd. are planning to build the Bienville Parish Sawmill in Taylor. Sourcing timber locally, the sawmill will require approximately 1.3 million tons of wood annually to produce an estimated 320 million board feet of lumber. The facility will be located on approximately 225 acres. Construction is expected to start in May 2022 and be completed by July 2023. The project is valued at $240 million. Hunt Forest Products Inc., 401 E. Reynolds Drive, Ruston, 71273. DR#21-00714802.


Oriden LLC and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems are planning to construct a 450-mile-long hydrogen gas pipeline. It will carry hydrogen produced by converting treated and polished water from the Berkeley Pit Mine, a no longer operational open pit copper mine, located in Butte. The hydrogen will be produced through electrolysis, which leaves only oxygen and water vapor as a byproduct. The hydrogen gas would be transferred via the pipeline and then stored in salt domes in Delta, Utah. The project is valued at $450 million. Oriden LLC, 106 Isabella St., Pittsburgh, Pa., 15212. DR#20-00621436.


Enlaw LLC is planning to build the Black Desert Resort at Entrada in Ivins. It will include 150 hotel rooms, multiple restaurants and up to 302 condominium units. It is being designed by Urban Design Group LLC. The project is valued at between $25 million and $50 million. Enlaw LLC, Attn: Patrick Manning, 2691 Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara, 84765. DR#20-00678147.

Bids, Contracts, Proposals


Amtrak is currently evaluating submitted bids from firms seeking to build a 1,600-ft-long bascule bridge across the Connecticut River between Old Lyme and Old Saybrook, to replace the existing railroad lift bridge erected in 1907. The new bridge will be located 52 ft south of the existing span. Construction is expected to start in 2024 and be completed by 2030. The project is valued at $660 million. Amtrak, Attn: Martin Klein, 2955 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19104. DR#17-00640338.


The Great Lakes Water Authority is currently evaluating submitted bids from construction management-at-risk firms seeking to carry out a water transmission main relocation project. The project entails constructing approximately 2.5 miles of 96-in.-dia water transmission main and also constructing four valve vault stations equipped with 84-in.-dia isolation valves at locations along the existing 96-in.-dia main. The project also involves the design, build and operation of a temporary water booster pumping station to maintain uninterrupted water service during construction on the existing 96-in. main. The reason for the relocation is that the existing main currently traverses an EPA National Priorities List landfill site, a portion of which is submerged in landfill leachate. The project is valued at $150 million. Great Lakes Water Authority, Attn: Gerald Moore, Project Manager, 735 Randolph St., Detroit, 48226. DR#19-00689953.


Lane Construction has started carrying out the Kansas City levee flood risk management project. The project entails raising 90,000 ft of levees and floodwall along the Argentine, Armourdale and central industrial district levee units. Efforts include an approximate four to five-ft raise to be completed with a combination of levee raises, floodwall replacements, new floodwall, and levee and floodwall modifications. Other features include modifications to gatewells, utility relocations and numerous railroad closure structures. Underseepage improvements include berms and relief wells. The project is expected to be completed in 2026. The project owner is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The contract is valued at $258 million. Lane Construction Corp., 90 Fieldstone Court, Cheshire, Conn., 06410. DR#20-00733969.

Bid, Proposal Dates

ILLINOIS 11/19 The Galesburg Public Library District is seeking bidders to construct a new Galesburg Public Library. The two-story, 68,000-sq-ft building will be located at 264 W. Main St. It has been designed by FEH Associates Inc., and River City Construction LLC is the construction manager. The project is valued at $22 million. Galesburg Public Library District, Attn: Noelle Thompson, Director, 40 E. Simmons St., Galesburg, 61401. DR#11-00669027.
OREGON 12/8 The West Linn-Wilsonville School District is seeking bidders to build the new Athey Creek Middle School in West Linn. The project entails building a two-story, 114,000-sq-ft building, parking lots, a track and outdoor play areas. The school has been designed by DOWA-IBI Group. The project is valued at $62 million. West Linn-Wilsonville School, Attn: Amy Berger, 2755 SW Borland Rd., West Linn, 97068. DR#19-00889991. n