As demands for better site documentation drive investments in reality capture, construction technology start-up StructionSite has announced a new partnership with real estate developer and general contractor Ryan Cos.  

“We’re really excited to have this enterprise partnership with The Ryan Companies,” says Matt Daly, StructionSite CEO and co-founder. “Their end-to-end ownership of the [construction] process really helps us create efficiencies across the entire project life cycle.”

StructionSite uses 360° cameras to capture images and video of construction jobsites, which can be stitched together for remote project tours as well as for tracking construction progress and quality control.

“StructionSite’s user-friendly documentation capabilities add context and organization to photos and videos so that we always know exactly what we are looking at,” Morgan Traynor, director of project controls at Ryan Cos., said in a statement.

Traynor added that data from photos and videos captured in the StructionSite has helped her teams reduce overall project risk as well. “Now when they encounter an issue—be it vandalism, something broken, a warranty issue or punch list item—they can resolve it quickly based on documentation.”

StructionSite has also launched SmartTrack, a computer-vision system to track work put-in-place on construction sites from image analysis. “There are complicated technologies like LiDAR and full BIM that some companies are not ready for,” says Daly. “But a camera plus 2D drawings to track production—everyone has that.”

StructionSite also closed its Series A fund in May with $7 million from industry investors, including Cemex Ventures and D20 Capital, an investment arm of Korea-based equipment giant Doosan.