A joint venture team of Brown and Caldwell and Carollo Engineers Inc. recently received a contract for capital program management services, including design work, for a $375-million agricultural recycling project in Sacramento, Calif. The South Sacramento County Agriculture and Habitat Lands Recycled Water Program—one of the largest programs of its kind in the United States—aims to reduce the agricultural industry’s reliance on groundwater in southern Sacramento County. When complete, the program will produce up to 50,000 acre-ft per year of recycled water. It will also restore depleted groundwater levels up to 35 ft, and increase groundwater storage capacity by approximately 245,000 acre-ft within 10 years, according to the Sacramento Regional County Water Sanitation District. The recycled water will be conveyed from the district's Sacramento regional wastewater treatment plant to agricultural land in the southern part of the county via new transmission and delivery pipelines infrastructure. Under the contract, the joint-venture team will provide technical, financial and project management oversight to help the district achieve its recycled water delivery goals by 2023. The new water delivery system will include a 95-mgd pump station and 65 miles of transmission and distribution pipelines. 

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