Galveston, Texas-based Callan Marine Ltd. has been awarded a $97.9 million contract as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Corpus Christi Ship Channel Improvement Project, which aims to deepen and widen the channel. This is the second multi-million dollar contract awarded by the Corps’ Galveston District.

Callan Marine’s contract includes the base contract and seven options to dredge Lower Bay Reach, as well as five more options that could be activated at a later date.

According to the Corps, the project will improve approximately 11.9 miles of the associated shipping channel, effectively widening the channel from the Harbor Island vicinity to approximately 2.7 miles west of the La Quinta, to 530 ft wide and deepening it from 47 ft to 54 ft.

“This contract award is the second major milestone for USACE Galveston work at Corpus Christi, following the successful award and completion of contract no. 1 for the Corpus Entrance Channel,” said Carlos Tate, USACE Galveston District project manager, in a statement. “The latest contract will include the creation of two new open-water beneficial use sites adjacent to the Lower Bay Reach channel. Both contract achievements can be attributed to a positive working relationship between the Corps and the non-federal sponsor, the Port of Corpus Christi.”

Work is scheduled to begin in early summer, with the majority of dredging completed by late 2021. Auxiliary work will continue throughout 2022, with completion expected by April 2023, according to the Corps.

“The Corps is getting wide spread credibility for its rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly with delivery of temporary hospitals. From my civil works perspective, Galveston’s COVID-19 mission is to deliver the program, which is vitally important to the economic recovery of the nation after this public health crisis,” said Col. Timothy Vail, USACE Galveston District commander, in a statement. “This channel deepening project not only provides jobs, it gives the energy sector the confidence that they can continue to count on the Corps of Engineers to deliver this project—a project that will be incredibly significant to re-establishing energy independence and energy security for the nation.”