Coronavirus has struck a heavy blow against the world economy as it forced countries into lockdown with "closed for business" signs, hollows out the tourism, travel and hospitality sectors, turned out the lights on business gatherings and events, sent employees home to work and drove markets into a dizzying tumble.

ENR has collected below its ongoing reporting, analysis and commentary on construction sector developments, with updates as they occur. We are also seeking your questions and comments about the ongoing crisis.

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Latest Coverage

June 10, 2021

• US Labor Dept. Releases OSHA Temporary COVID-19 Standard for Health Care Workers

June 1, 2021

• EEOC Says Contractors, Other Employers Can Make COVID-19 Vaccination a Job Requirement

May 28, 2021

Editorial: How to Write a Better COVID-19 Standard

May 24, 2021

• OSHA Now Says Contractors, Other Employers Should Not Record Vaccine Reactions

May 11, 2021

• ASHRAE Publishes Updated Ventilation Standard for Health Care Facilities

May 5, 2021

• Why Construction Workers Aren't Rushing To Get Vaccinated

May 3, 2021

• OSHA Imposes New Guidance For Employer-Required COVID-19 Vaccines

April 30, 2021

• Cost, Conflicting Advice Hamper COVID-19 IAQ Upgrades in Schools, Says Center for Green Schools

April 21, 2021

 Indoor Air Quality Expert: Many Air Cleaner Technologies Are Still Unproven

• Skanska Speeds Pandemic Emergency Area Expansion at Boston Hospital

April 7, 2021

• Developer's Novel Virus-killing Air Filter Ups Standard for Indoor Air Quality

• Air-Filtration Industry Steps Up to Combat COVID

• Virus Zapper’s HVAC-System Retrofit Coming Soon

March 25, 2021

• Need for Top Talent Keeps Pandemic Pay Hit Brief

March 24, 2021

• New COVID-19 Tests, Rules Ramp Up in North America

March 18, 2021

• Autodesk Analysis: Construction Bids Up 36% Over Pre-Pandemic Levels

March 12, 2021

• Ontario Launches COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests at Major Construction Sites

March 11, 2021

• AGC Survey: Chaotic Supply Chain, Worker Shortages Still Plague Contractors a Year Into Pandemic

March 10, 2021

• Is the Pandemic Forcing An Evolution in P3 Work?

• Update: House Clears $1.9T Relief Bill, Includes Aid for Multiemployer Pensions

March 1, 2021

• Boston Students Return to Virus-Upgraded Facilities

February 28, 2021

• House-Passed $1.9T Covid Relief Package Moves to Senate

February 16, 2021

• Postponed by Pandemic, Milwaukee's Wisconsin Center Expansion is Back on the Schedule

February 11, 2021

• COVID-19 Project Impact Liability Is Confused, Says Consultant Survey

February 10, 2021

• Tell Us What Workplace Vaccine Decisions You Face

February 8, 2021

• As COVID-19 Continues to Shape Outlook, Economist Predicts Mid-2021 Recovery

February 5, 2021

• COVID-19 Bottom-Line Impacts for Two Euro Building Giants

January 29, 2021

• OSHA Issues Advisory Workplace COVID-Safety Guidelines

January 28, 2021

• COVID-19 Adds Six-Month Delay to $30.8B UK Nuclear Plant

January 27, 2021

• Will Insurance Ever Cover Risks Revealed By the Pandemic?

January 20, 2021

• 2020 Newsmakers: A Resilient Workforce Triumphs Through a Tough 2020

• 2020 Newsmaker Frank Giunta: Developed Free Webinars to Discuss Ramifications of COVID-19 on the Industry

• 2020 Newsmaker Monzer Hourani: Shepherded Filter That Zaps Coronavirus from Brainstorm to Deployment

• 2020 Newsmaker Kevin Mahoney: Drove Team to Finish $1.5B Hospital Rebuild Early to Meet COVID-19 Capacity Demands

• 2020 Newsmaker Todd Semonite: Commanding General of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Led COVID-19 Response

• 2020 Newsmaker Martin J. Walsh: First Mayor of Major City to Halt Construction After COVID-19 Outbreak

January 14, 2021

• Why AECOM Believes Zurich Should Pay Virus Insurance Claims

• Virus Outbreak Complicates Contentious Toronto Light Rail P3 Project

January 7, 2021

• AGC: 2021 Outlook Muted as Pandemic Delays, Cancels Projects

January 5, 2021

• How the Paycheck Protection Program Loans Differ in Round 2


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