New Manhattan, Bronx Span Floats Into Place
Photo: Tom Lilly

The new Willis Avenue Bridge on Manhattan’s Harlem River completed the final leg of its journey from upstate New York on July 26. The 2,400-ton, 350-ft-long swing bridge was floated into place by Weeks Marine Inc., Cranford, N.J., on two barges. Hardesty & Hanover LLP, New York City, provided the design and construction support for the bridge. According to project manager Bill Nyman, two separate barges will be used to support the span at its ends during installation, slated for Aug. 9. The span will then be moved over the existing pivot-pier and lowered—using the tide and some hydraulic jacks from the pier—on top of the pivot bearing. Nyman projects the new swing span will be open to traffic in early October.