China National Nuclear Power Co. on Dec. 2 said it has awarded SNC-Lavalin a contract for pre-project work on a proposed two-unit 700-MW Advance Heavy Water Reactor project. The Chinese company wants to build the two reactors in the 2021 time frame. SNC-Lavalin will outline the licensing process and the regulatory and safety requirements applicable to the design, analysis, construction, commissioning and operation of the AHWR. The AHWR is the third-generation reactor designed by Atomic Energy of Canada that combines the technology of the Canada deuterium uranium pressurized heavy-water reactor, which allows it to burn a variety of fuels, with the features of a light-water-cooled pressurized water reactor, which reduces the cost. Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute Co. is the technical manager for the contract to review and accept SNC-Lavalin’s work.

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