The James B. Garrison Bridges crossing the Lake Tillery reservoir, east of Charlotte, N.C., are undergoing a $20.1-million design-build rehabilitation that will improve safety while preserving the bridges’ past. The now-demolished superstructure of the 1,060-ft-long “senior” bridge, built in 1927 as the Swift Island Ferry Bridge, is being replaced with a new 39-ft-wide deck system to restore two lanes of traffic with shoulders while also preserving its eight reinforced concrete open spandrel arches. The bridge and its newer counterpart, a six-span girder structure completed in 1979, are also undergoing improvements to preserve structural integrity in the event of earthquakes and extend service life to the end of the century. Scheduled for completion in 2021, the project is led by PCL Construction, with AECOM as the engineer of record.

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