Mini SledgeHammer: Overstrike Protection

DeWalt has introduced six new small sledgehammers for demolition. The hammers are available in weights of 2 lb to 4 lb, with a range of styles to suite the application. The hammers feature fiberglass handles, forged heads and rubberized grips. Overstrike protection on the hammer reduces the chance of the handle breakage during use, while a concentrated strike face on the head improves striking power. DeWalt; 

Asphalt Paving: Works in Narrow Widths

The BF 200 paving machine has a minimum paving width of only 43.3 in., allowing it to be used in urban areas for work such as paving between rail tracks. Its paving width can be extended to a maximum of 11 ft, allowing the machine to be used for a range of paving applications. The BF 200 can be transported with the full screed extensions attached for faster setup. BOMAG;

Tower Crane: High Capacity, Small Footprint

The Potain MDT 809 topless crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 40 metric tons and a maximum jib length of 80 meters when using extensions. The mast of the crane is only 8 m wide and is designed to be erected faster than earlier tower systems, and it requires less laydown space to be assembled than other cranes in the same class. A two-fall configuration offers faster duty cycles for lighter loads, while a four-fall configuration can be used for heavier loads. Manitowoc;

Aerial Work Platform: Fits Pickup Truck Chassis

The P130A aerial work platform is the first lift in Palfinger’s Smart line designed to be mounted to a standard pickup-truck chassis. It boasts a maximum working height of 39 ft and a maximum outreach of 20 ft. The aerial work platform has a maximum payload of 550 lb, and the turntable features full 360° rotation. The P130A is available with a range of optional features, including a work lamp, a tool box or an insulation package for high-voltage electrical work. Palfinger;

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