Pipe End Caps: Reduce Chance of Corrosion

CorroLogic CorrPlugs are polyethylene end caps designed to reduce the chance of corrosion on metal pipe during transport or storage. The caps are also designed to keep anticorrosion vapor treatments from escaping the pipes. Available in sizes from 1⁄4 in. to 64 in., the caps can be used on a range of pipes including brass, copper and aluminum, as well as carbon and stainless steel. Cortec; www.cortecvci.com 

Riding Trowel: Maintain Power at High Speed

The MSP465 is an 8-ft-class riding trowel with two 46-in. rotors designed for high-volume concrete finishing work. It is powered by a 57-hp Kubota gasoline engine with a 12-gallon tank for extended run time. Helical gearboxes maintain torque, even when operating at high speeds. The riding trowel features two top-mounted lifting points and four-point tie downs. Allen Engineering; www.alleneng.com

Scissor Lift: Small, Maneuverable Work Platform

The Genie 1330m scissor lift boasts a maximum platform height of 12.8 ft and a maximum working height of 18.8 ft. It has a maximum two-person, 500-lb capacity, and the scissor lift weighs only 1,950 lb. The relatively lightweight machine can fit through doorways and can provide access in hard-to-maneuver interior spaces. The electric scissor lift allows for operators to reposition the lift while at full height, and it can traverse 25% slopes when in the fully stowed position. Genie, a Terex Brand; www.genielift.com

Auxiliary Truck Axles: Shock Absorbers Standard

Mack Trucks’ Granite trucks with factory installed auxiliary axles now feature shock absorbers as a standard feature. In addition to reducing vibration in the cab and improving operator comfort, the shocks reduce axle hop, extending the life of the tires and reducing long-term maintenance costs. The axles’ operation is fully integrated into the dashboard controls with a standard up and down switch. Auxiliary axles are available as an option on Mack Granite’s axle-forward and axle-back models. Mack Trucks; www.macktrucks.com