Air Compressor: Larger Fuel Tank
The Doosan C185WDO portable air compressor is able to deliver 185 cfm of air at a rated operating pressure of 100 psi. Sporting a larger fuel tank than earlier models, the C185WDO boasts a runtime of 12.6 hours at 100% load. Able to withstand extreme temperatures, the air compressor can start in temperatures as low as -10° F and can operate in ambient temperatures up to 120° F. Doosan Portable Power;

Fall-Protection Harness: Improved Padding
The Guardian Series 5 fall-protection harness features more padding on the waist, legs and shoulders than the Series 1 and Series 3 harnesses for greater comfort during extended use. Dual SRL connectors can be attached to a dedicated loop, freeing up the harness’ D-ring for other attachments. The Series 5 also features trauma-relief straps to reduce the negative effects of suspension trauma in the event of a fall. Pure Safety Group;

Concrete Resurfacer: Designed for Thin-Set Repairs
Re-Cap concrete resurfacer is a polymer-modified portland cement-based material designed for thin-level repairs to concrete surfaces. Designed for use on worn or scaled concrete, the resurfacer can be applied in thicknesses from 1⁄16 in. to 1⁄2 in. It can be applied with a trowel, brush or squeegee and can be walked on after six hours and driven on after 24 hours. Available in standard grey, Re-Cap can be colored with Quikrete liquid cement color pigments to match custom concrete and masonry surfaces. Quikrete;

Vibratory Roller: Dual Vibration Frequencies
The DV26D is one of four new small-frame vibratory rollers from Case. The rollers have a drum width of 37 in., making them well suited for walkways, driveways, small parking lots and other compaction jobs that require navigation of narrow areas. With an operating weight of 5,490 lb, the DV26D runs on a 33.5-hp engine that can deliver vibration frequencies of either 3,480 or 3,960 vibrations per minute. The roller’s pressurized water system includes a 50-gallon tank. Case Construction Equipment;

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